Location Advantage:

Close proximity of the plant to the mines for raw material i.e. iron ore, coal, dolomite, lime stone, manganese ore and to the Steel hub of Sundargarh District for finished products. Also skilled labour are available in sufficient quantity.

Enviroment Friendly:
Suraj Products Limited ensures that its production does not hamper the economic and its associated biodiversity. It uses energy efficient systems, conserves resources and reuses materials. The company undertakes various trainings to make its employees aware of environmental issues and tries to incorporate among them a sense of clean and green environment.

Electro-Static Precipitator:
Suraj Products Limited is one of the first company to install Electro-Static Precipitator (ESP) with dry in 2004 as pollution control device on 50 TPD sponge iron kilns and later it becomes norm & trend in the industry.

Customer Oriented Production:

Suraj Products Limited ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction through its products by its commitment to meet the customer requirements. It also takes care to ensure that the production is done through economic use of resources & minimization of waste.

Management Team:

The management team constitutes people from various fields. Every person is competent and thorough in their respective area of work. The persons are from diverse backgrounds which helps them in solving critical problem in the most efficient and optimal way.

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