CIN No. of the company.
The Company Identity Number(CIN) is L26942OR1991PLC002865

RTA of the Company.
M/S MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited, 12/1/5, Manohar Pukur Road, Kolkata- 700026 is the Registrars and share Transfer Agent of the Company.
Presently the Company's equity shares are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited(BSE) and The Calcutta Exchange Limited, Kolkata.

Investor Service and Grievance Handling Mechanism.
All the share related matters such as share transfers, transmission, dividend, change of name/address/demat/remat request, issue of duplicate share certificate etc. are being handled by M/S MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited, Kolkata, the Registrars & Share Transfer Agents of the Company.
The Directors of the Company has constitued a Shareholder's Grievance Committee which moniters all the shareholder's complaints received and actions taken for redressal of grivances of the investors/shareholders.
Mr. Gagan Goyal, Executive Director of the Company is nominated as the Compliance Officer of the Company and responsible for redressal of the shareholders/investors grievances.
As per the amended Clause No. 47(f) of the Listing Agreement, the Company has designated an e-mail id "" for registering the complaints by investors/shareholders.

Transfer/Transmission/Duplicate certificate etc.
Transfer of Shares:-
For transfer of shares the transferee(s) need to send the share certificates along with duly executed transfer deed to the Company's R&TA for registering transfer and endorsment on the share certificate.
As per SEBI Circular No. MRD/DOP/Cir-05/2009 dated 20.05.2009, it is mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish a copy of his/her PAN card to the Company/RTA's for registration of transfer of shares in physical form.
At present stamp duty on transfer of shares at the rate of 25 paise for every Rs. 100 or part thereof of the market value of the shares prevailing on the date of execution of transfer deed.

Uncashed/Unclaimed Dividend
The shareholder may write to Company's R&TA quoting the Folio No./DP ID & Client ID No. in case of non receipt of dividend warrant.

Dividend payment through NECS
Shareholders who wish to avail NECS facility must submit NECS request form to the R&TA.

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